Nabto Edge Documentation

Nabto Edge is the latest generation Nabto communication platform. It allows client applications to communicate directly with IoT devices (local and remote) for unsurpassed interactive performance with strong security based on modern standards.

The Nabto Edge Direct protocol allows establishing direct connections between two peers, mediated through the Nabto Edge basestation servers. Such peer-to-peer (P2P) connections are established when possible (98% success rate on average due to symmetric NAT traversal) with transparent fallback to relay. In both cases, communication is end-to-end encrypted.

Nabto Edge CoAP enables direct request/response communication with IoT devices in a way similar to HTTP REST. Useful for controlling IoT devices, e.g. adjusting a smart thermostat or arming a smart alarm.
Nabto Edge Streams and Tunnels enable exchange of larger amounts of data, e.g. tunnelling existing protocols like HTTP or RTSP or implementing event streams.

The Guides section provides introduction to key topics and getting started guides for the most popular platforms.

The API reference section provides detailed documentation for all platform SDKs with examples.

Platform Specific Nabto Edge Documentation