CoAP POST /iam/users/:username/fcm-test


This endpoints sends a test FCM push message to the specified user, verifying that FCM project id and token has been configured correctly. The title of the test notification is “Test notification” and the body is “Notifications are working”. Also see the Nabto Edge Push guide.


POST /iam/users/:username/fcm-test


Request body is empty.


CoAP status codes:

  • 201: On success.
  • 400: No user specified.
  • 403: Blocked by IAM configuration.
  • 404: No such user or no FCM configuration found for the user.
  • 503: Device could not send notification to basestation.

Response body is the response as received from FCM, encoded as a CBOR string map:

   "StatusCode": "200",
   "Body": "Success"


A user must have access to the following IAM Action to use this endpoint:

  • IAM:SendUserFcmTest

No special attributes are provided.