Error Responses

When an error occurs, the Nabto Cloud API returns a response with status code 400 or above. All error responses contains a JSON formatted body detailing the error. This can be used to destinquish different errors with the same status code.

The error object is uses the following format:

  error: {
    type: string,
    message: string

The type string is a static string suitable for programatical handling. The message string is a human readable string detailing the error.

Error types

Status code error type description
400 invalid_request_error A parameter in the request was not properly formatted
400 syntax_error There was a syntax error in the request
400 validation_error A parameter did not use a valid format
401 authentication_error The provided API Key was not valid
401 mfa_required_error The API key must be MFA authorized
403 forbidden The API key does not have access to the requested ressource
403 organization_quota_exceeded The Organization reached its limit of the ressource
403 organization_owner_removal Removal of the organization owner was requested
403 device_quota_exceeded The max number of devices allowed for the ressource has been reached.
403 access_denied_insufficient_permissions The API key does not have sufficient persmissions to perform the request
404 invalid_request_error The requested ressource does not exist
409 invalid_request_error The ressource already exist
500 api_error An internal error happend in the API backend