CoAP PUT /iam/users/:username/:setting


This endpoint is used to set/change the settings of a particular user of the device.


PUT /iam/users/:username/:setting

The following settings exists on a user:

  • username - string: Change the username uniquely identifying the user on this device. The username is restricted to the characters a-z, 0-9, _, -, and ..
  • display-name - string: Set a UTF-8 string describing a user with more freedom than the username.
  • fingerprint - string: Set the fingerprint of the client using this user.
  • password - string: Set a password to use for password invite pairing.
  • role - string: Set a role for the user.
  • sct - string: Set a server connect token for the user.
  • fcm - map: Set FCM information for the user to enable the device to send mobile push notificatons. It is a map with two keys ProjectId and Token, see below.
  • notification-categories - array: Set FCM notification categories for the user. It is an array of strings, see below.


The request body contains the value to set for the particular setting encoded as CBOR, for example a valid username as string:


For the fcm setting, a CBOR encoded string map must be provided:

   "ProjectId": "fir-nabto-demo",
   "Token": "eARPXJ9c60xUk05BM5svHO:APA91cEjzeq7R9iAWx9sYGjj26RoaJ13bfO8eeu741J7GigVWWxYijOJMjcuG52lFjr3sziXpBvpOZh41dfSOZ5mRj4jwFdJk06DWZ3pMxfPPyWVqHCjxPrWWZ2FOOY6tEvwIRFh0_ar"

For the notification-categories setting, a CBOR encoded array of notification category names must be provided:



CoAP status codes:

  • 204: If the setting was set.
  • 400: The request body was invalid. For the notification-categories setting, this means one or more categories requested are invalid. Valid categories configured on the device can be listed with CoAP GET /iam/notification-categories
  • 403: Blocked by IAM configuration.
  • 404: The username does not exist, the setting does not exist or the referenced role does not exist.
  • 409: Provided username/fingerprint not unique.


Each setting has its own IAM Action which the user must have access to to use this endpoint:

  • IAM:SetUserUsername
  • IAM:SetUserDisplayName
  • IAM:SetUserFingerprint
  • IAM:SetUserPassword
  • IAM:SetUserSct
  • IAM:SetUserRole
  • IAM:SetUserFcm
  • IAM:SetUserNotificationCategories

This endpoint always provides the additional attribute:

  • IAM:Username

Additionally, when setting, the role setting the following attribute is provided:

  • IAM:RoleId