The Nabto Cloud API is a RESTful API which can be used to manage Nabto Cloud ressources programatically. All API requests requires an Authorization header with an API Key. API keys are generated from the Nabto Cloud Console on the API Keys tab under Organization Settings.

All Nabto Cloud API requests are performed towards

In this documentation, all requests are accompanied with an example invocation using curl. To use these examples, you must replace <apiKey> with your API Key. Many requests also requires the X-Nabto-Organization header. Again you must replace <organizationId> with the ID of your Organization from the Nabto Cloud Console.

Depending on the request, you may also need to replace sample values for request and query parameters as well as request body values.

For each request, a successful response is documented. Additionally, some requests has selected error codes documented. However, you should expect all requests to be able to return any error code documented in the Error Codes section.