Get configured devices


Get list of devices configured for a given domain. The returned list is paginated meaning it may not contain all configured devices for the domain. If additional devices exist, the HTTP link header will contain a next link for getting the next page of devices. If devices exists previous to the returned list, the HTTP link header will contain a prev link for getting the previous page of devices.


GET /v1/domains/:domain/configured-devices


Successful response contains the following JSON formated body:

  devices: {
    deviceId: string,
    batchId: number,
    preSharedKey: string,
      [key: string]: string
    created: string

Response Status codes:

  • 200 on success

Request headers

This request must have the following headers:

  • Authorization: bearer <ApiKey>
  • X-Nabto-Organization: <organizationId>

Request Query Parameters

This request supports the following query parameters:

  • limit The pagination page size (max: 10000, default: 500)
  • deviceIdFilter is a partial device ID for searching (default: “”)
  • batchId is a batch ID of devices to get (default: all batches)



curl "" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer <ApiKey>" \
  -H "X-Nabto-Organization: <OrganizationId>"


   devices: [{
     deviceId: "",
    batchId: 42,
    preSharedKey: "01010101010101010101010101010101",
      "foo": "bar" 
    created: "2022-10-18T10:17:24.299Z"